3 Reasons to Try Activated Charcoal

3 Reasons to Try Activated Charcoal

It's not as scary as it looks. 

Spicy Apple Lemonade w/ Activated Charcoal

Spicy Apple Lemonade w/ Activated Charcoal

Did you know that you can add activated charcoal to any drink order at Tonic Juicery?

If you're not already a firm believer in the black magic of activated charcoal, here's 3 reasons why you should try adding it to your next juice order. 


Activated charcoal is extremely porous with a negative electric charge. This means that it's really great at trapping all of the positively charged toxins, chemicals, and gasses floating around in your body.

Once the toxins, chemicals, and gasses are trapped in the millions of teensy tiny pores, they bond with the activated charcoal through a process called adsorption so your body doesn't have to absorb them. 

Good to know: You need to be consuming a lot of liquids if you plan to incorporate activated charcoal into your life. If your body doesn't have enough water on board, activated charcoal and cause dehydration. 

Totally Flavorless

Okay, so activated charcoal definitely will turn your juice BLACK. Dark Knight black. We promise you cannot taste it though and it's totally worth the spooky factor. 

Fact: Activated charcoal is not the same thing as the charcoal used in your grill. Grill charcoal is toxic and should not be eaten. Ever.

Spicy Apple or Super Fresh with charcoal + Recovery Tonic = Hangover Cure
— Colleen

Cures hangovers

Had one to many Bourbon Sunrises? Lots of our customers say that activated charcoal is the miracle hangover cure. Quite frankly, we have to agree.

Activated charcoal helps your body work overtime to get all the toxins and chemicals making your body feel so rough after a night out.