Cleansing in Real Life: Part 2

Cleansing in Real Life: Part 2

By Colleen Hickman

(continued from Cleansing in Real Life: Part 1)

Here's to the second half of my 5 day juice cleanse:

Woke up feeling tired and fatigued, my head feels fuzzy and my energy is low. I expected this so it's not by surprise now that I'm over halfway through the cleanse. Had 32oz. of warm lemon water and went on with my day.

Juice #1 - Spicy Charcoal Apple Lemonade (10am): Delicious! Gave me a quick and solid energy burst and made me feel more like myself. 

Cucumber Cooler - new green juice without celery for those fellow celery-haters out there.

Cucumber Cooler - new green juice without celery for those fellow celery-haters out there.

Juice #2 - Cucumber Cooler (12:45pm): I got held up at a meeting and ended up starving and drinking juice #2 a little later than preferred. I was very excited to try a new green juice - the Cucumber Cooler. This is a green juice without the celery, which I am personally stoked about...I just do NOT love celery. This green juice is much more refreshing than the others!

2:30pm: Hit with feeling really tired and lightheaded.

Juice #3 - Ruby Spice (3pm): Micah suggested to try the Ruby Spice as a pre-workout juice so I did just that! Let's see how that goes...

4pm: Did a routine lower body workout and it was much harder than usual. I felt fatigued during the workout and afterwards felts more worked than usual and ended up with a headache. My body is telling me I need fuel. They do say to take it easy during the juice cleanse and this being day 3, I should definitely listen to my body. 

Juice #4 -  Cucumber Cooler (4:30pm): Starving after my workout, feels great to chug down some fuel and get re-energized for an evening of work. 

Juice #5 + #6 - Cucumber Cooler + Recovery Tonic (6:30pm): Recovery Tonic is always tough to get down, I definitely recommend pairing it with another juice and some flavored water and just get it done...think shot, chaser, water, and again.

Juice #7 - Cacao Bliss (9pm): This is such a savior to end the night, totally different texture and taste is key. The Cacao Bliss nut mylk is just as amazing, if not a little more so, as The Brazilian - it's like a thick, cold glass of chocolate milk! The himalayan salt tasted slightly in the background really rounds off this creamy treat.

Into the typical routine of warm lemon water followed by my morning workout, today was pilates. I woke up today feeling energized and super strong. I killed my pilates workout and felt invincible afterwards - crazy endorphins flowing this morning.

Juice #1 - Cucumber Cooler (10am): Feeling like a beast after my workout, I chugged my first green for the day down pretty quickly. It felt like straight up fuel and was a great post-workout meal. 

Juice #2 + #3 - Cucumber Cooler + Recovery Tonic (12pm): Got another green down and figured I'd take down the Recovery Tonic right away for a solid lunch. I will say I've gotten a bit more used to the Recovery Tonic and am beginning to appreciate the boost that comes after. At this point into the cleanse, this is the closest thing to feeling like caffeine I've had and I'm starting to like it.

Spicy Charcoal Apple Lemonade

Spicy Charcoal Apple Lemonade

Juice #4 - Ruby Spice (2:30pm): Good juice, filling.

Juice #5 - Cucumber Cooler (5pm): Juice was good. I'm getting used to the timing and my body was just about hungry exactly as I downed this next juice. 

Juice #6 - Spicy Charcoal Apple Lemonade (7:30pm): Total shift, starting to feel a headache and beginning to feel hungry for real food. This juice helped because it's one of the more satisfying tasting juices.

Juice #7 - Cacao Bliss (10pm): Redemption for the day yet again, healthy chocolate milk to end the day.

LAST DAY!!! I did not sleep great last night because I felt starving and had a headache that kept me tossing and turning. Woke up feeling totally over juice. Had my warm lemon water at 9am and can't stop thinking about how hungry I am. I still have a headache. I had some housework to do and spent the next two hours cleaning, leaving me even more hungry and now crabby.

Juice #1 - Spicy Charcoal Apple Lemonade (10:45am): As much as I love the taste of this juice in general, I am just not excited about any juice today. Took it down as quickly as I could and just focused on feeling full. 

Juice #2 - Cucumber Cooler (1:45pm): Like I said, I'm over it at this point and the greens are the toughest to get down for me. Chugged it, felt refueled, and decided to try a workout in a bit.

2:30pm: Did a cardio workout, was a tougher workout and being on the last day of the cleanse I am definitely feeling weak. I modified the workout to make it less intense so I could get through it and was quite exhausted afterwards.

Juice #3 - Cucumber Cooler (4:30pm): Chugged it down, still hungry and can't stop thinking about food and what I'm going to eat tomorrow.

Juice #4 + #5 - Cucumber Cooler + Recovery Tonic (6:30pm): Hardest day to take this down by far...there was even a gag or two in there. My body is so over liquids, I can't wait to eat something tomorrow!

Juice #6 - Golden Sunrise (8pm): Nice to bring this juice back in the mix for a different flavor. Still not stoked on all the liquids and starving for more.

Juice #7 - Cacao Bliss (10pm): Last juice of the day and of the cleanse! While the is usually my favorite, even this one made me gag at least once, but I did it! Cleanse over!

Transitioning out of the cleanse was difficult for me. My body took it's time and was as finicky as possible when it came to reintroducing food back into my diet. I woke up at about 5am the next day feeling famished so I got up and ate some apple slices and water. My stomach wasn't happy about that so it came back up. After a few more rounds of slowly coaxing down nibbles of apple and some warm chicken broth, I finally got back to feeling like myself. It's definitely important to eat healthy and clean moving out of the cleanse, and I made the recommended Kale and White Bean Soup a day later and it was fantastic! 


  • I didn't starve. Not even a little. I was full or totally fine most of the time, until the end when it seemed to become a mental game more than anything.
  • I still love everything about food, probably even more so now.
  • I still love fresh juice and appreciate the benefits it provides. 
  • I am stoked I was able to commit to something like this for 5 days. I was a bit skeptical of myself and I feel great about my ability to fully commit to a situation.
  • I lost 5-6 pounds coming right off the cleanse. I feel that's a bit much for just one week, but I gained about 2 back afterwards.
  • Consuming the same texture for 5 days is incredibly difficult by the end. 


  • I would do a 3 day cleanse, as I see the benefits of a cleanse to recalibrate my system, break unhealthy habits, and lose a few pounds. 
  • I will not do another 5 day cleanse - it was extreme for me, but I am glad I accomplished it. 
  • I recommend to any cleanse newbies to start smaller and work your way up. Start at 1, 2, or 3 days and it will probably be a super positive experience so you'll be ready for a 5 day, etc. next time.