Cleansing in Real Life: Part 1

Cleansing in Real Life: Part 1

By Colleen Hickman

Hello everyone, welcome to my 5-day juice cleanse!

First and foremost let me introduce myself - my name is Colleen and I will be doing a guest blog series for the Tonic Juicery Blog. Full disclosure time - I work with Tonic Juicery as my client for brand design and marketing. While I do have a professional relationship with Tonic Juicery, all comments and opinions are my own in the Cleansing in Real Life blog series.

I decided to take on a 5 day cleanse experiment on my own for the purpose of a new experience, for a boost toward my health & fitness goals, and to provide a blog series of my real life account of this cleanse for the purpose of sharing it with all of you awesome folks! I specifically chose my 5 day cleanse from Mon - Fri because that's when I am busiest and therefore less likely to want to eat just for the purpose of relaxing, socializing, etc. My hope is to not sway you one way or the other or to take a stance on anything, but rather to provide a real life play by play of what this cleansing thing is all about. Form your own opinion, try it out yourself, or don't...but here's my thoughts:

Going Into This Cleanse My Initial Thoughts Were: 

  • I'm going to starve
  • I love food, and eating food and cooking food and shopping for food. Food!
  • I also love fresh juice
  • I can do this, it's only 5 days!
  • Maybe I'll shed that little bit of extra fluff around the hips - BONUS!
  • Is this just one of those fads?
  • Stoked on that sharing this experience
  • Here goes nothing!

Here's How Day 1 and 2 Turned Out:

Started the day with 16oz of warm lemon water, per the suggestion of Tonic Juicery - was a nice way to wake up the body and I plan to make this a daily habit after the cleanse. For Day 1, I followed the suggested, but not strict, order of juices to have per day. I did my usual 30 min/day workout, doing a total body cardio workout that morning before my first juice.

Cleanse Day 1 lookin' good and stayin' cool in it's Tonic Juicery cooler!

Cleanse Day 1 lookin' good and stayin' cool in it's Tonic Juicery cooler!

Juice #1 - Spicy Charcoal Apple Lemonade (11am): Two words: delicious and refreshing! I was a little concerned the jalapeño in there would make it spicy spicy but it didn't at all. This juice has a nice mild pizzazz to it and looks cool with the activated charcoal added in. It tastes and smells so fresh and so good. This was a great post-workout juice that left me feeling fueled enough until the next juice.

Juice #2 - Green Hopper (1pm): I am not a huge fan of celery so this juice was a little less refreshing for me and rather more "healthy" tasting. I was just about to feel hungry before downing this bad boy and it solved that problem quickly and efficiently. So far no cravings or real issues with hunger.

Juice #3 - Golden Sunrise (3:30pm): Delicious juice, good timing. Every 2 hours or so to have another juice seems to be the perfect timing to fight any upcoming hunger cravings, I have yet to have an issue with that. I did have a bit of a hot mess of an afternoon getting into one little tizzy after the next. For example, I slipped and fell into a mud puddle and minuted later banged my head on the stairs. Sheesh!

Juice #4 - The Hulk (6pm): Again, not a huge celery fan so I can't say this was the most refreshing juice for me - another "healthy" tasting juice. At this point into Day 1, I was feeling fatigued and tired overall. Having a "healthy" tasting juice at this point was not so appetizing but I was hungry, so I chugged it down and moved on with my evening, still craving free even despite my dinner being my least favorite juice. While I didn't have any notable cravings, I was feeling the urge to head to the grocery store so I could get my cook on. I love to cook so that habit has been strange to fight around dinner time, but very convenient to not worry about meal planning, etc.

Green juice really is pretty to look at isn't it? 

Green juice really is pretty to look at isn't it? 

Juices #5 + #6 - Emerald City + Recovery Tonic (8pm): More green juice that tastes like celery. Feeling very tired at this point, drained would be the perfect word. This one is the last of the three greens so it was tough for me, but filled me up. I decided to get the strong stuff out of the way right away by tacking on my daily Recovery Tonic. This stuff is strong and burns a little going down...but once it's down its oh so good. You feel the warmth build up the same way a shot of liquor will do, but less harsh and more feel-good. And I swear immediately after you feel a boost of energy!

Juice #7 - The Brazilian (10pm): Night cap time, which is perfect timing because I am not feeling my hunger satisfied in any way at this point and am feeling end-of-the-night style run down. I am excited to try The Brazilian, it's creamy texture and sweeter ingredients intrigue me - I am not let down. This is the redemption of the day, this amazing silky smooth desert juice taste like not-too-sweet cinnamon toast crunch cereal milk. YUM! I am SO STOKED on this juice and it completely refreshes my mood and attitude to head off for what was a great, solid night's sleep! 

Started off the same as yesterday - warm lemon water, 30 min workout (upper body). Last night, not once did I wake up with a starving pain or stomach ache. I woke up feeling good, hungry (the lemon water satisfied that temporarily), and refreshed. I decided to switch up the order of my juices today to better suit my cravings.

Juice #1 - Emerald City (10am): My strategy today is to get the greens out of the way. I start with Emerald City, the most mild of the three, and chug it on down after my morning workout. Fueled me up as I went on about my day. 

Juice #2 - The Hulk (12pm): Second green checked off the list. Feeling good, no cravings or hunger pains, energetic, level headed. 

Day 2 Lunch = Green Hopper + Recovery Tonic  + Cucumber Lime Water 

Day 2 Lunch = Green Hopper + Recovery Tonic  + Cucumber Lime Water 

Juice #3 + #4 - Green Hopper + Recovery Tonic (2pm): Last green of the day! Chased this one down with some lime and cucumber water (don't worry, I didn't cheat and eat the cucumber floating in there, though it was tempting). I decided to have my Recovery Tonic as well - it was strong as always and gave me the expected energy boost I was hoping for at the mid-day work hour that it was!

Juice #5 - Spicy Charcoal Apple Lemonade (5pm): Yum! I was looking forward to my first non-green juice of the day and the reward was worth it. So refreshing... it was hard not to chug it all down in one gulp! I feel lighter today..sounds cheesy but that's the best way to describe it. Walking around town felt a bit easier, more enjoyable.

Juice #6 - Golden Sunrise (7pm): Perfect dinner time juice, satisfying and a nice balance between sweet and savory. Was starting to feel a little tired going into the start of a late work night so this was a great little boost before that sweet little juice coming next. At this point, other than some end-of-day tiredness, I am feeling great and energized and still luckily avoiding any strong hunger cravings. 

Juice #7 - The Brazilian (9pm): Same as last night, the much anticipated "dessert juice" as I am now calling it. It's a refreshing, light tasting bowl of cinnamon-sugar milk. YUM, decadent, perfect way to reward the end of a cleanse day!

Overall, two days of juice cleansing has been a positive experience. Feeling energized and lighter, but definitely will be excited to eat solid food when the time comes. Here's to three more days of juice cleansing!